Aqua Diving has a range of specialist vessels

We can provide ROV support, dive support, survey vessels, work boats, supply boats, rig support, cable lay vessels, chase boats and vessels for other marine applications. Qualified and competent crew are available with all vessels and projects.

Dixie Patriot

Liftboat class 280 with Heliport.
Length: 53.8m
Length (including heliport): 76.66m
Breadth: 36.3m
Deck Area: 1021.9m
No of POB: 150 w/ accommodations
IMO: 8765694

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Aqua Rise III

Supply Jack Up; self propelled elevating platform.
Length: 38.04m
Breadth: 30m
Deck Area: 650sqm
No of POB: 128-200 w/ accommodations
IMO: 9845908

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Aqua Jack I

Self propelled supply Jack Up; with shallow water support capabilities.
Length: 25.3m
Breadth: 16.1m
Deck Area: 140sqm (approx)
No of POB: 32 w/ accommodations
IMO: 8959520

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