From humble beginnings, operating out of a portakabin in Sharjah, Aqua Diving has been going for almost as long as the federation of the United Arab Emirates and it has developed to be a leading force in commercial diving and the operation of Jack-Up Barges.

Bashir’s presence and support has been a constant throughout the company’s history. His commitment and skillset have been a large part of Aqua Diving’s success as he worked alongside the company’s founder, Clive Frost for over 40 years, and he is also seen as a father-figure to many of our team members.

Bashir is retiring at an impressive 74-years of age, to spend more time with his family back home, but he promises to return and visit us regularly. Perhaps we will also see him at his lovely home in Pakistan and take him up on his kind invitation. Happy retirement Bashir, we already miss you!

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Wishing Captain Bashir Ahmad Khan a happy retirement