Aqua Diving’s specialist dive team remained active throughout 2020 with demand increasing significantly towards the end of the year. With projects already currently underway and others due to begin, our divers are working hard and continue to effectively solve the complex and diverse problems that make this type of work so interesting.

Aqua Diving recently completed propellor polishing and cleaning of the hull, thrusters, rudders and sea chest on a fleet of 70-metre superyachts, taking just two days per vessel. Far quicker than working by hand, the team incorporated the mechanical hull cleaning equipment normally used on supertankers, with great skill and extra care. Through innovative use of equipment adapted with a softer brush, the team saved the client significant time and money by finishing the job quickly and safely.

In another display of expert efficiency, the dive team successfully completed periodic maintenance on a single buoy mooring (SBM) floating hose two days ahead of schedule. Aqua Diving takes pride in its ability to offer a wide variety of services, not only at depth, but also for shallower projects (more difficult at times) such as the one in Hamriyah. This quarter, the maintenance was split into two phases to accommodate the removal of the hose and a shoreside component.

Aqua Diving has also delivered its first surface-supplied diving spread for the ADNOC L&S Hail and Ghasha Island Project, complete with a decompression chamber. A major achievement for the diving team, the development comes after successfully completing the rigorous ADNOC L&S approval process.

Always going above and beyond to finish a job properly and on time, Aqua Diving’s Dive Supervisor and his team carried out daytime inspections and worked into the night to ensure critical planning was accurate during a recent project to bring large jack-up rigs into port with Lamprell. In this instance, three rigs arrived simultaneously, requiring a concerted effort to guarantee that the client had a hard copy of the report and findings ready for the next day’s activities. Both operating in the Gulf since the mid-1970s, Aqua Diving and Lamprell have a longstanding and fruitful relationship.

The vast experience and expertise of Aqua Diving’s team were called into action on site during a recent contract to install 145 sacrificial anodes and 18 ladders on a port project in Abu Dhabi. Prior to installing the externally designed system, our divers noted that the brackets were incorrect and needed to be modified. Using the problem-solving skills that are vital for any diving job, the team proceeded with welding and the other tasks required—on-the-spot—to solve the issue. The ladders and anodes were subsequently lowered into position and fitted by our trained underwater welders.

Diving a hive of activity