We can salvage, recover or re-float anything from a shovel to a ship

"From a shovel to a ship" sums up the range of objects and vessels we have salvaged, recovered or re-floated.

We have lifted a water-carrying vessel of more than 100 tons and carried out successful search and recovery operations for highly valuable small items.

We have experience in carrying out recovery operations with difficult logistical problem under the harsh scrutiny of the World's press, requiring cooperation with a number of stakeholders including local authorities, environmentalists and Oil Spill Prevention teams.

We have also recovered valuable cargo and items on behalf of owners and have lifted such disparate objects as:

  • Sunken dockyard cranes
  • Statues
  • Aircraft
  • Mobile cranes
  • Articulated HGV's
  • Fishing boats
  • Automobiles

We own a large array of salvage gear such as pumps, lift-bags, cutting gear, patching equipment and tools and can mobilise quickly in an emergency via our genuine 24hr callout procedure.